About Us

(dis)Ability Manpower

(dis)Ability Manpower 

What we’re all about

At (dis)Ability Manpower (dAMP), we’re a disability employment services provider who’s bigger than employment.

This means we support both people with disability to secure, maintain and thrive in meaningful work, and businesses of all sizes to recruit a valuable and diverse workforce.
Over the years, we’ve helped thousands of people improve their lives through genuine understanding and respect. Collaborative and inclusive, our personalised process helps tailor individual outcomes to complex needs by applying innovative thinking, evidence-based approaches, and best practice to match the right people with the right opportunities.


We deliver exceptional customer service for all those we deal with.

Dynamic and agile

Forward-thinking keeps us ahead of the pack; we build fast, learn fast, adapt fast.


Putting people first. People are the core of everything we do.


Our solutions measure and deliver proven outcomes.


We challenge and disrupt to drive purpose-driven innovation.

One team, one goal

With dAMP, you get access to a dedicated national team of experts including Job Coaches, Employer Engagement Consultants, and Post Placement Support Consultants.

Backed by our Rehab Management Team, dAMP job seekers work with our in-house allied health professionals to source sustainable employment solutions, while behind the scenes, our extensive support staff, systems and technology aim to get you the best possible outcomes.

From occupational therapists, physiotherapists and exercise physiologists to counsellors, psychologists and social workers, our multi-disciplinarians are on hand to ensure all options are evidence-based (which is just a fancy term for something that’s been researched and proven to work).

Because that’s what we’re all about – getting you back to work in a job that works for you.

The (dis)Ability Manpower story

In 1997, Tmeeting was founded in Sweden with the aim of making a difference in the lives of vulnerable people.

In 2015 was Virtual Assistants founded to help the vulnerable people more in different areas but with focus for Deaf and Blind community.

VA wanted her organisation to empower clients to engage in their recovery or positive life changes, to achieve their goals. Initially established in Balkan, the company soon spread its wings nationally, providing workplace rehabilitation, software and services, injury and early intervention services and training.

In 2022, after successful appointment to the Disability Employment Services (DES) panel, dAMP was established to expand the group’s portfolio, with a mission to serve those most in need across all Employment Service Areas nationwide.

Specialising in you

For dAMP, helping people is our number one priority. Whether it’s a physical injury, Deaf, Blind, a mental health issue, a disability or a health condition, our speciality is you and your capacity to work.

You see, our experience has found that employment plays a vital role in mental health and recovery after injury or illness, or while living with a disability or health condition. That’s why we look at the whole ‘you’ to help you back to work in a job that’s right for you.