We believe in the future

Finding the right people for the job

As a recruitment agency for disability jobs of disabled people, we cover 58 employment service areas nationwide, with local support when you need it most, and leverage technology in a big way to work with you no matter where you are.

The benefits of aiming big

Offering a cost worth recruitment service, we are a trusted provider of the Employment Service program. We’ll walk the walk alongside you, every step of the way, to help you find the right staff, and provide education about how to get the best from hiring people with disability.

Our extensive job network database

We know market and industry trends because our research and development team is constantly
seeking opportunities to improve our job network for people with disability.

  • Segmented into labour market industries
  • Great relationships already developed
  • 10,000+ employers that hire people with a disability
  • On-site and remote post placement support to help participants maintain their role
  • Assessment and assistance for maximum productivity
  • Strategic community support network and service relationships for added employment opportunities

Our reverse marketing professionals

We have a whole team focus on building employer relationships and being active in local communities. Our expert disability staff members have a background in sales, marketing and recruitment.

  • Extensive value-add options through our in-house allied health staff
  • Using our in-house social and digital media team to promote your job vacancies
  • Screening candidate profiles and pre-employment training

Making sure the placement fits

We offer post-placement support to ensure your new starter is productive and content.

  • Help with induction, buddying, mentoring, training and health and safety matters
  • Filling skill gaps by specialised training for new starters
  • Educative seminars for existing teams

We’ve worked with a wide range of employers – large and small – across the region. We hope you’ll join our satisfied customers in aiming big in your recruitment.