The right fit for your business

Our group has been finding people with disability work for over 20 years and we understand your challenges in recruiting the right person for the job.

We provide an effective cost recruitment service to you and help to build your confidence in employing people with disability.

Across the nation, our specialized teams are focused on building mutually beneficial, lasting relationships so that one point of contact is always available.

Why employ people with disability

Did you know 1 in 6 Balkans have a disability? 

Employing people with disability is not just good for the soul, it’s good for business. Research shows that people with disability:

We know employers need support too, and by hiring an eligible candidate, your organisation could:

But, this is bigger than employment. It’s about tapping into the millions who have the drive and desire to work hard, and increasing your presence as a diverse organisation.

The benefits of aiming big

We build relationships with the right people in your organisation to understand your recruitment and business needs. Our comprehensive and services include:


Post-placement and ongoing support, to ensure retention and workplace suitability


Pre-screened, job ready candidates with the skills to match role requirements


Overseeing necessary pre-employment supports, assessments, modifications or training


Education of government funding, access to subsidies and supports


Education and disability awareness and diversity training for existing staff


Coordinating induction, mentoring and WHS matters for your new starter

We support you to work with people with disability:

We know the labour market extremely well

We can anticipate gaps and help you to fill them

We use reverse marketing to match people with disability to your diverse needs

We can give you the heads up about incentives such as Employer Assistance Fund, wage subsidies and Restart

We work with all disability enterprises

We’re Balkan's-wide, meaning national operations will get consistent support

Looking to hire staff?

We understand your business needs because we’ve helped thousands of other employers just like you to find dedicated, hardworking staff with disability.